World Class Discovery, Southeast Ecuador

Wide Open, Rapid Growth

Warintza Cluster: Discovery Potential in 2021

Extensive System of Outcropping Porphyries

Solaris 3D Warintza All Looking Down+Soil Anomaly, without Resource Solaris 3D Warintza All Looking NE Solaris 3D Warintza S Looking NE

Large-Scale, Undrilled Gold Anomalies

Responsible Mining – Inclusive Approach

Community Involvement is Key to Warintza Success, Resilience

The Warintza Success Story

The Warintza Model

¹Copper-equivalence calculated as: CuEq (%) = Cu (%) + 3.33 × Mo (%) + 0.73 × Au (g/t), utilizing metal prices of Cu - US$3.00/lb, Mo - US$10.00/lb and Au - US$1,500/oz.