Multiple-Times Growth and Discovery Potential

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Solaris is responsibly and sustainably advancing a portfolio of copper and gold projects in the Americas: 

  • Focused on Flagship Warintza, Ecuador -
    High-grade, open pit resource within a cluster of outcropping copper porphyry deposits; untested gold potential
  • Global Scale Resource -
    579 Mt at 0.59% CuEq (Ind) and 887 Mt at 0.47% CuEq (Inf), including 0.3 Bt @ 0.8% CuEq Indicative Starter Pit with 100% growth potential
  • Robust Economics – Open pit, high grades, clean met, primary infrastructure > billions in capex savings
  • Regulatory & Fiscal Stability -
    Regulatory and Tax Stability via Investment Contract to 2041 > lowest taxes in Latin America
  • Social License to Operate -
    Impact & Benefits Agreement > explicit community consent for project
  • Near Term Project Timeline -
    “Strategic Priority Project” provides executive branch oversight for permitting
  • Unique Opportunity -
    Market dislocation provides extreme relative valuation discount to M&A precedents
  • Exploration Programs Designed by David Lowell -
    Assembled portfolio and designed programs led by Ecuadorian protégé, Jorge Fierro, VP, Exploration
  • Managed by the Augusta Group -
    Highly-specialized in exploration and development, unrivaled track record of over C$4.5B exits / 10 years

Augusta Group Track Record

Solaris is managed by the Augusta Group, which boasts an unrivaled track record of value creation totaling over C$4.5B in exit transactions over the last decade, and has strategic partnerships with the leading entrepreneurs in the mining sector.

Augusta Group Track Record

Note: Market cap data as at Sep 12, 2023. The results for Ventana Gold Corp., Augusta Resource Corp., Equinox Gold. and Arizona Mining Inc. are independent of the results of Solaris Resources, Titan Mining and Augusta Gold Corp. and are no guarantee of the future performance. Undue reliance should not be placed thereon past Augusta Company returns when considering an investment in current Augusta Company returns.